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Taymoor Arshi is the founder and CEO of Job Pairing. He is a former GM at Intel, Corp VP of software at AMD and CTO at Arbitron/Nielsen. Over 3 decades of experience in working with global service companies and building remote teams in India, China and other countries.

Shala Arshi is the co-founder and President of Job Pairing. She is a 35-year Intel veteran. Over 3 decades of experience in working with distributed teams and managing service companies across multiple countries and time zones.

  • Qualified, verified and vetted tech service companies We vet service companies via digital investigation and leadership interviews and verify company registration through national or local government agencies.
  • Tech talents at up to 60%
    lower cost
    Get an opportunity to augment your team ensuring lower cost without compromising the quality of work.
  • Building long-term business relationships Connect with ambitious startups and SMB service companies and build relationships for any future opportunities.
  • Convenience
    • Free integrated messaging and live video
    • Free consultation
    • Free international payment. (U.S. only)
    • Free integrated hiring workflow process

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Our tech talents are full-time employees of service company partners. With P2P, you can find and hire a qualified team of software developers who have already worked together as a team, all at a lower cost.

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With hundreds of verified service company partners offering a variety of tech expertise, you can reliably hire one or more high-quality developers at a lower cost, with the support of an entire organization behind them.

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Available technologies

  • Enterprise App

  • Java

  • Salesforce

  • Microsoft office

  • Mobile App

  • iOS

  • Swift

  • HTML5

  • Android

  • Python

  • C++

  • PHP

  • AR / VR

  • Image processing

  • IoT

  • AI

  • Machine learning

  • Deep learning

  • Data Science

  • Data Analytics

  • Data Engineering

  • Cybersecurity

  • Encryption

  • Antivirus

  • Network security

  • Blockchain

  • Web 3.0

  • Social marketing

  • SEO optimization

  • Node.JS

  • Ruby

  • Angular

  • MongoDB

  • DevOps

  • AWS

  • More..



  • Grow your business: Our unique platform that helps you build your business pipeline
  • Build relationships: Connect with ambitious startups and SME companies
  • Convenience, guaranteed!: Use the P2P tools for paperwork, communication in a hassle-free manner
  • Win-win for all: Free marketing and advertising for YOUR company & your talent pool on the platform

How it works

  • Create an employer

  • Search for and connect
    with talents to help
    with your project

  • Complete relevant
    agreements (e.g., NDA
    or Service Agreement)

  • Use P2P tools to work
    with your new remote
    hire and track progress

  • Use P2P International payment system to pay for the work you authorize

Questions generally asked about P2P

P2P is a marketplace for small and medium size software and IT service companies (the “tech service companies”) who are looking for additional revenue opportunities to connect with clients who are interested in hiring qualified expertise at a lower cost. Tech service companies need to sign up for the P2P service and create strong company profile on the platform to become visible to clients. Clients also need to sign up for P2P services to post their jobs on the platform.

P2P is focused on connecting small and medium size software and tech service companies (companies with < 500 employees) with small and medium size client companies who are looking for software and IT expertise to augment their teams. We are not targeting freelancers who are looking for opportunities and are not seeking large-sized companies. Bottom line, we offer a marketplace where small and medium size companies on both sides can connect and clients can hire the tech talents that they need.

Tech service companies get a new channel to find opportunities in other countries for additional revenue. We give them a voice. Their companies and their expertise will be advertised on the P2P marketplace for free, giving them exposure to clients. We will also advertise on LinkedIn and other social media platforms for the aggregate set of expertise that our tech service partner firms offer.

Clients will be able to find highly qualified, verified, and vetted tech talents at half the cost of the same talents in their own countries. The tech talents are employees of tech service companies. They have been interviewed, reviewed annually, and have been working on client projects for many years.

When a tech service company creates a P2P account, we follow a rigorous process to verify and vet the company. Here are some of the steps that we take:

  • Verifying that the company is a legitimate legal entity in that country. For example, in India via the MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) search.
  • Digital investigation through Google, LinkedIn, social media, and the company’s website (if any).
  • Phone and email verification of the company rep.
  • Interviewing the company rep. and/or CEO/Owner, if needed.

P2P hiring platform offers the following tools and resources at no cost to its members:

  • A private messaging tool which gets activated as soon as the two sides are connected.
  • A real-time video communication utility with screen sharing for clients and their tech service companies to communicate and collaborate.
  • Up to five hours of free consultation to clients to facilitate the working relationship between clients and their tech service companies.
  • Document templates such as NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), SOW (Statement of Work), and SLA (Services Level Agreement) to facilitate the business relationship between the two sides.
  • An international payment system to facilitate payments from clients to tech service companies.